Jadine is a large city in the desert. It is said that anything that can be imagined can be bought in the tangled marketplaces of Jadine, if you are just able to find it.

Because wood is unheard of and stone is available only in limited quantities, most of Jadine is built out of mud bricks. People unable to afford brick houses erect yurts, tents, and other temporary canvas dwellings wherever they can carve out room. Because of this prevalence of flammable buildings, careless use of fire is a huge taboo.

Jadine becomes busiest around dusk and dawn, between the heat of the day and the chill of the night.

Water in Jadine is brought up from wells dotted around the city. Like careless use of fire, poisoning wells in the desert is the sort of crime that no-one will forgive.

The priests of Chados theoretically have absolute power in Jadine and the surrounding region – including the Crypts – but lack the ability to assert that power. This doesn’t stop them from trying, or from sending their white-clad preachers into the streets to try and convert the sinful masses.

The real power in Chados is held by the so-called ‘merchant lords’ who are really just grandiose thugs and tomb robbers who have made it rich and have the strength to hold what they take. Each merchant lord clawed his or her way to the top over a mountain of dead bodies; they should not be underestimated.


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